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Welcome to the website of Dr Shiri Dutt

I am an experienced specialist in Women’s Health including fertility, obstetrics, gynaecology and advanced laparoscopic surgery. I have lived in Sydney and completed all my specialist training here.  For almost two decades, I practiced on the Gold Coast. To resume my practice here, I have moved back to Sydney.

My practice is pleased to also provide specialist services in the magnificent city of Bathurst. I am maintaining my services in Sydney from Sydney Southwest Private Hospital, Westmead Private Hospital and St Luke’s Care.

I am genuinely thankful for your confidence in me to allow me to be part of your lives. Many of my patients come by way of word-of-mouth referral.

On this site you will find some details about me, my experience, and my principles. Please consider what you see here as an overview. Are you exploring fertility or someone to assist you through your Women’s Health issues?  Please think about this as an invitation to contact us to consider your personal needs.


Our practice is incredibly privileged to help in the fertility dreams and to achieve the objectives of patients from across the Western Sydney.   We intend to achieve this objective by striving to accomplish success and outstanding achievement in quality, holistic health care in the field of fertility, pregnancy, gynaecology & advanced minimally invasive surgery. We will look forward to welcoming you with integrity, compassion and understanding; always acting for your best interests.


Emma Susan Nicholls

So lucky to have come in contact with Dr Dutt whilst suffering with an ectopic pregnancy a few years ago he was patient understanding and sensitive to my needs, I continued seeing him for 2 years whilst trying to conceive and he helped me deliver my beautiful son allowing us to participate in the birth participating in a maternal assisted cesarean. Feel very grateful we were looked after by Dr Dutt and that we got our miracle son !

Tahlia Heavey

Had the best first birthing experience bringing my beautiful little girl into the world. Dr Dutt and my amazing midwives made it the best experience and i loved every minute of my birth.

Jenny Stone

Had three amazing water births at John Flynn. Two of those were with Dr Dutt and we couldn’t had had a better experience. The perfect place to welcome babes into the world. Thank you!

Rhiannon Jones

We feel so blessed to be sharing our journey with Dr Shiri Dutt. He has made us feel at ease throughout difficult times, and has continued to make our priorities his priority. Shiri’s knowledge and professionalism is outstanding, and his compassion is very comforting. Dr Dutt is practically a member of our family, and I cannot recommend him enough.

Kerryn Farrington

Dr Dutt is fantastic it took me 5 long years to fall pregnant but with his help i ended up having 4 beautiful kiddies Via C-Section I would highly recommend Dr Dutt!


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