Pregnancy Care

  • Early Pregnancy Disorders

  • Pregnancy planning
  • Pregnancy screening options
  • Miscarriage
  • Recurrent miscarriage
  • Early pregnancy Ultrasoud


High Risk Obstetrics

  • We provide a multidisciplinary approach to High risk obstetrics
  • Thyroid diseases
    • Specialist Endocrinologist or any of your choice who also provides inpatient support.
  • Cardiac and Hypertensive disorders
    • Cardiologist of your choice who also provides inpatient support.
  • Respiratory disorders
    • Respiratory Physician of your choice who also provides inpatient support.
  • Psychological services
    • Psycho-social support
    •  Clinical Psychologist


Labour and Delivery


Confinement of Pregnancy

  • Spontaneous Labour
    • The ideal we all strive for
  • Induction of labour
    •  After taking  maternal wishes, risk assessment and  management guidelines
  • Analgesia options
    • Range to your choice of music, aromatherapy, water immersion, medication and Epidura


Vaginal Birth After Caesarean section

  • We will closely work with your wishes together risk assessment  to provide a safe service



  • We respect you right to informed choices.  We will assist in Waterbirth for  low risk births.


Assisted births

  • With have  experience in helping women with delivery difficulties over 3 decades. If required, a informed decision and your choices  will shape the management.


Caesarean section


Emergency Caesarean Section

  • Sometimes, rapid decisions are needed. This is always done in consultation with you and your birth choices. These steps are taken with due consideration of maternal and fetal well being and saftey

Elective Caesarean section

  • We make the process smooth. Most Caesareans ae done under spinal analgesia and with the presence of you partner in the operating room.

Feeling up to Maternal assisted Caesarean? Talk to us.