Dr Mark Spanner

Dr Spanner is a respected General Practitioner with a wealth Surgical assistant experience & a valuable member of the team and provides his vast expertise to ensure positive outcomes for our patients. He is very obliging and you will often find him as cheerful team member even in after-hours Emergency surgery or Caesarean section


Lesley Bridges

Lesly will be one of the first contacts of this practice. She has a pleasant caring and helpful demeanor and is intensely proud of this practice. You will find her telephone and personal communications to the highest standard. Even on busy days you will find her eager to assist you.


Robyn Martin

Robyn has been with Dr Dutt practice since we started. She has a wealth of experience and takes personal pride in caring for you. She also works as midwife at the John Flynn Hospital

You will see Robyn as a separate consultation on the same day that you see Dr Dutt. This enables us to provide a holistic approach to Obstetrics and Midwifery in a convenient package.

She is always keen to catch up with you when you are in John Flynn Hospital.